Get a great tattoo in Wales

So you are ready to get a great tattoo in Wales, but where do you go?

The choice of a tattoo design (especially for the first timer) can be one hell of a headache. I have over 50 hours of tattoos on my body, and some my new ones have served to cover up some bad decision making that had been done when I was younger.
Although this article will mostly focus on tattoo designs themselves, I still want to raise some points for people that are thinking of taking a leap into that universe. It is always important to do research, know what you are getting tattooed, mostly for tribal or religious tattoos. You never know when you might end up with a yakuza gang tattoo on you lap, and you are just a cute 18-year-old girl.
Always make sure that you have some bound with the tattoo. By that, I don’t mean that you should have a particular reason, like a life changing events. For example, some of my tattoos are simply there for an aesthetic purpose, but also, a lot of them have a significant meaning to me, might it be the loss of a close friend, or an important step I took in my career. With that said let’s jump in today’s subject, where hopefully I might help you pinpoint what kind of tattoo designs you might be into.


While these might not be my favourite, plenty of tattoo adepts would argue that these designs make for some of the best sleeves in tattoo history.
Some of the notable tribal tattoo design comes from the Maori from New Zealand have their way of using bold lines and a repetition of pattern on the adept skin. While the Ta Moko (Maori Tattoo) were once designed to be unique for every individual, nowadays people just get them out of a book (unless you get a real Maori artist).
Another once that as seen increased in popularity would be the Haida tattoo design from the Native American tribes while these were once clan’s crest, they are (similar to the Ta Moko) characterised by very bold line and minimal usage of colour.
Notable mentions to Indonesian designs and Buddhist tattoos from Indonesia and Thailand. But while I can go on for another two pages on tribal tattoos lets jump into the other one.

tribal tattoo


This is probably one of the most popular tattoo designs to this date while these tattoos were mostly worn by Yakuza (and is still seen that way in the Japanese culture). Japan offers some of the most beautiful designs that the world as to offer. While you might be looking for a dragon as a symbol of courage, or a koi fish as a symbol of good luck and fortune. Japanese tattoo is all about flow and elegance. There is a thought process going behind where everything is placed.

japanese tattoo


While we barely scratched the surface, there are plenty of other tattoo design to choose from, might it be a star, crown, skull, animals, angels. Which all have their own meaning and some of them even have different meanings in a different culture. In the end, you should find an artist that you like and that will help make an advised choice as to what you should go for. Give them some ideas that’s what a great artist likes. And well you might become addicted.



So who do we recommend?

Our favourite choice of tattoo shop is Raging Swan Tattoo Studio in Cardiff. They have been in the business a long time and are complete professionals. I have had around 10 sessions with Dom (the head artist at Raging Swan) over the years and as you can see below my sleeve is coming on very nice!

my black and grey tattoo

They specialise in black and grey (as you can see by my own tattoo!) but are great at all different styles including colour, text and cover ups.

They are located at 804B Newport Road Rumney CF34FH (just behind the bank) and work on an appointment only basis. Give them a call on 02920 792 270 to discuss your needs and book an appointment!


For more ideas check out this article on 49 Bloody Brilliant Black And Grey Tattoo Ideas

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Scarecrow Makeup For Halloween

Looking for an easy and scary makeup for Halloween? Scarecrow makeup might be the best one!

scarecrow makeup

The date October 31 means something special to the people living at the western region of the world. It’s Halloween! Halloween means a lot of things; to kids and grownups. It’s another occasion before Christmas at which people surprises each other with presents, candies and yes, make ups! Scaring someone with your outfit seems really cool, isn’t it? But putting on a suitable makeup to celebrate a perfect Halloween might not be easy. It requires time, effort and money. If you are wondering whether there is a particular makeup that can be both scary and affordable, then the scarecrow makeup can be a very good option.

What does it look like?

Well, a scarecrow can put on various looks. It depends on you which type of scarecrow you want to look like. It also depends on the available resources. However, if you have watched the movie “Night of the Scarecrow”, you already have some idea how a scary scarecrow might look like. Okay, let’s put the movies aside. It’s obvious that you have seen actual scarecrows in fields. Those are made of old cloths and straws. You can use put on a makeup on your face to look like one of them.

Is it really scary?

With a scarecrow makeup, you have lots of options to set up your outfit. If you want to look funny, that is also possible. But what you can do with this makeup is freaking the others out. Just imagine, the scarecrow that you have seen at the fields has come to your room in the dark, after midnight. Does that seem scary? This makeup will turn you into that walking scarecrow that might cause someone a heart attack!

halloween scarecrow makeup

Is it affordable?

The farmers don’t have to pay one single penny extra to make their scarecrows. They make scarecrows from raw straws, old cloths, strings and wood. You don’t even need the straws. Check your closet for those cloths that you don’t wear anymore. If those cloths don’t look like old ones as you have taken good care of them, then will have to do some extra work (will be discussed in the following section of the article). Then you need some paints that are suitable for your skin. Beware of the side effects. Some people can’t put paint on their faces because of allergies. Some makeup kits will make the look perfect. And guess what, you don’t have to spend any extra money at all. This does look cheap, right?

Taking the make up

If you have those cloths that already look pretty old, then the first part of your makeup is already done. If you don’t, then you might borrow them from your friends or relatives. However, you can also make the cloths dirty to bring a better look. First of all, you need take the makeup on your face. Decide the type of scarecrow you want to become. If you want to look like a funny one, then white and red color will be just perfect. You will also need a black marker. A scarecrows mouth is sewed. You have to bring that look on your face. First paint your face with white color. Then draw some red dots on the white. And finally use the black marker to draw some lines over your lips. That’s a pretty good funny wizard of oz scarecrow makeup. If you want a scarier look, then use grey color on your face. Then some draw some bruises on your face to look scarier. Putting some fake blood on your face and cloths will be a great addition to your makeup. Try to choose darker cloths while taking the scarier look. You can also use a hat made of straws to bring a better look.

a simple scare crow makeup

Things to consider

If you are trying this makeup for the first time, don’t do it all by your own. Ask a friend or family member to help you. Painting your own face can be a bit complex and you might ruin the whole makeup. Tell someone else to draw your face. Also keep a photo of the particular look you are trying to put on. It will help you to put your scarecrow makeup with perfection. And don’t forget to get rid of the makeup in time.


To find some awesome jewellery to go with your amazing new make up for a scarecrow check out Lonely Moon, who created their own really cool makeup tutorial! We love it!

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